Hello everyone!

I hope you are enjoying this site. Because this is also an outdoor blog, I will be posting outdoor blogs every other week on Wednesdays. So let’s talk about today’s topic: “Your mountain isn’t a mountain.”

That’s what anyone from Colorado has told me over the years….

You see, when you live in a state where the highest mountain is 14,000 ft+, you tend to look at your geography a little different than anyone else. When I lived in Washington State, I had a hiking/climbing friend from Denver who teased me when I pointed to a nearby mountain and said, “That’s Mount Spokane.”

“No it isn’t,” he said, “It’s a foothill.”

We argued a little bit but he was adamant that it was a foothill. Well, what in the world does that mean?

To some, especially in Denver, there are these,….I’m just going to say mountains in front of the Rockies. But they are noticeably smaller than the Rockies behind them. In local terms, they call these mountains foothills. But! Anywhere else in the world, rock formations of that size are called mountains.

So, am I wrong for calling these formations mountains? Are they not? What are mountains then?

I finally found a clarification video from a scientist and Youtuber, Tom Scott. Here’s the video explaining the dilemma and hopefully it will provide some answers: